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Let's be honest, some people have a green thumb, while others might consider themselves to have a brown one. Here at EverWild Florals, we have narrowed the field down to the plants that can live in low light or problem environments, and can thrive with minimal maintenance. The benefits of having vibrant, healthy houseplants in our spaces far outweigh the effort that goes into caring for them or the fear of killing them. Starting with easy plants can boost your confidence to move on to other more finicky species.
When we send a designed floral arrangement or wrap to you, we know that the flower is at the beginning of its cut life. Some flowers continue to open while displayed, like hyacinths, lilies, and peonies. Others dry easily while maintaining their shape and color; like thistle, craspedia, and pine. Flowers aren't just alive and then boom--dead! We design so that you can enjoy the movement, growth, blossoming, and color change of each flower. 
The windows are open and the birds are chirping from outside the floral studio. Only three weeks ago we were taking extra measures to keep bouquets from freezing during delivery to your homes and now look what is quickly approaching–Spring! With the turning of the season, we are spotting trends that reinforce our mission of sustainability and that continue to evolve the ways we bring you joy through flowers.
Roses have always been the quintessential Valentine’s gift. Yet there is an abundance of flowers that also create stunning Valentine’s Day bouquets rich with color, texture, and story. This year, the EverWild Florals Team has created a floral wishlist for the Kansas City local who’s ready to step it up a notch from the traditional red roses this Valentine’s Day.
We often think gifting or receiving flowers deserve a special occasion, but at EverWild Florals we believe that no excuse is needed to brighten someone’s day with a beautiful bouquet. Flower delivery makes it easy to enjoy beauty and share joy as we "hunker down a little longer."
We LOVE incorporating hydrangeas into our designer arrangements. The hydrangea’s full head of flower petals offers a show stopping focal point or filler option in a variety of different arrangements. Its name “hydrangea” comes from the Greek words hydros, meaning water, and angos, meaning jar. What an easy way to remember how to care for your hydrangeas! Hydrangea = Hydros = Check that Water!

It seems like in every town you pass through, there's at least a couple of florists.  Giving and receiving flowers for wedding, birthdays, sympathy arrangements, and of course Valentines, is a tradition we all love. 

But when you think about the last time you purchased flowers, it probably wasn't a great experience...