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There is a Reason We Love Flowers

There’s something about nature’s beauty in homes and workplaces that creates joy. We let out a sigh of contentment when walking into a room and there sits a gorgeous bouquet. And yet, most of us only get the pleasure of a gorgeously designed bouquet a few times a year.

We believe you shouldn’t have to wait for a special occasion to be gifted flowers.We believe that it’s possible to have stunning florals grace our personal spaces without having to sacrifice quality or freshness from the grocery store. We work with local farmers and experienced designers to create stunning designs for the everyday with your personal needs in mind.

Sustainable Practices

We were shocked to learn that the average florist has 40% waste! With dozens of options online, they're required to keep a large inventory of flowers that simply go to waste.

At EverWild we sell by the stem count–letting our designers choose the best seasonal blooms for each arrangement and compost the rest! In addition, nearly all of our daily arrangements are foam free–reducing microplastic pollution.

The Future is Local

FTD, 1-800-Flowers and other wire companies gobble up ad space and then sell the order right back to another vendor! We work independently to market to our clients and have a convenient location in Downtown Kansas City to provide delivery to the surrounding areas all while supporting our community.

Always Seasonal, Always Fresh

The majority of the flowers in the US are imported from Colombia and Ecuador. After being cut in South America, they make the long journey (without water!) through customs in Miami, then to a Broker who ships them to a Wholesaler, where a Florist then purchases them, and they sit in a cooler for up to a week before finally arriving at your kitchen table!

We frequently source direct from local farms to provide the freshest quality to our customers. Some of our favorite local farms are Twisted Cedar, Wooly Bee, Julie Pal Peonies, Yardley Farms, and more.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to spread more beauty, joy and love into your everyday lives. Thank you for following us on this journey. It is our hope that we brighten your home with the same blooms that make us smile.

To Forever Staying a Little Wild–
Sarah Jaeger, Founder & Owner