Our Story

There is a reason we love flowers

There’s something about bringing nature’s beauty into our homes and workplaces that causes that little sigh of contentment when you walk into a room and there sits a lovely bouquet.

And yet, most of us only get the pleasure of a gorgeously designed bouquet a few times a year. When we do decide to pick up a little something from the store while doing the weekly shopping- while the price is great- the selection and quality are typically less than stellar.

We believe we shouldn’t have to wait for a special occasion to be gifted flowers. We believe that it’s possible to have stunning florals grace our personal spaces without having to pay traditional florist prices. So we went to work researching the industry.

Behind The Curtain


Traditional Floral Shops, Explained:

We were shocked to learn that the average florist has 40% waste! With dozens of options online, they’re required to keep a large inventory of perishable items that simply go to waste. In addition, with brick and mortar suffering in general, it’s the consumer who pays to make up the difference.


What about FTD, 1-800 Flowers, Etc?

These companies gobble up ad space and then… sell the order right back to a traditional florist for a 30% referral fee. The florist isn’t motivated to provide you the highest quality when they have reduced profit and their name isn’t on the packaging.

A Long Journey

The majority of the flowers in the US are imported from Columbia and Ecuador. After being cut in South America, they make the long journey (without water!) through customs in Miami, then to a Broker, who ships them to a Wholesaler, where a Florist then purchases them, and they sit in a cooler for up to a week before finally arriving at your kitchen table. Most flowers are off of the stem for 10-14 days before they are delivered to you.

Crazy Right?

So we said, what if we provided a hand-picked, curated bouquet of the week, that was in season and always gorgeous, and cut out all that waste?

What if we didn’t have a brick and mortar store, and allowed orders to simply be placed online?

What if we didn’t accept wire fees?

What if we sourced locally as much as possible to get the freshest blooms?

What if we designed a company that took those savings, and used them to create gorgeous designer bouquets priced affordably enough for you to have them delivered every month, or every week?

So, EverWild was created.

Our mission is to spread more beauty, joy, and love into your everyday lives. Thank you for following us on this journey, it is our hope that we can brighten your home with the same blooms that make us smile.

With love,

-Sarah Jaeger

Founder, EverWild